Cal State Poker Championship

April 28 – May 14, 2017


Summer is near, bankrolls need building, and players are ready to hone their skills. The great state of California is known for its sandy beaches,  palm trees and… POKER! That’s right, the BEST in the WEST gather at the California State Poker Championship taking place at Commerce Casino every May. Come join us and get ready to strike POKER GOLD!

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GEGA-001905. Must be 21. Play responsibly. 1-800 gambler or www.Problemgambling.Ca.Gov

For a full rundown on this year’s California State Poker Championship, check out the results below.


#DateTimeEventGuaranteeBuy-InStructure/ Results
#1Fri 4/28
6pmNo Limit Hold'em Double Stack (Two Day)$50,000 $175Structure

#2Sat 4/29
12pmNo Limit Hold'em Triple Stack Social Experiment
$100,000 $350

Sat 4/295pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega3 Seats$175Structure
Sat 4/298pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega3 Seats$175Structure
#3Sun 4/3012pmNo Limit Hold'em Knockout Bounty (One Day) $100 Bounties$75,000 $350Structure

#4Sun 4/305pmFacebook Exclusive No Limit Hold'em Tournament (One Day)
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Sun 4/30
8pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega3 Seats$175Structure
#5Mon 5/11pmOmaha 8 or Better (One Day)$350Structure

#6Mon 5/15pmNo Limit Hold'em 8 Hours and Time's Up Bounty ($50 Bounties)$175Structure

Mon 5/18pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega3 Seats$175Structure
#7Tues 5/21pmH.O.R.S.E.$350 Structure

#8Tues 5/25pmNo Limit Hold'em Triple Stack Turbo (One Day Event)$175Structure

Tues 5/28pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega3 Seats$175Structure
#9Wed 5/31pmOmaha 8/Stud 8 or Better$350Structure

#10Wed 5/35pmNo Limit Hold'em Survivor$350Structure

Wed 5/38pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega3 Seats$175Structure
#11AThu 5/41pmNo Limit Hold'em$300,000$350Structure

Chip Counts
#11BThu 5/45pmNo Limit Hold'em$300,000$350Structure

Chip Counts
Thu 5/48pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega3 Seats$175Structure
#11CFri 5/51pmNo Limit Hold'em$300,000$350Structure

Chip Counts
#11DFri 5/55pmNo Limit Hold'em$300,000$350Structure

Chip Counts
Fri 5/58pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega3 Seats$175Structure
#11ESat 5/612pmNo Limit Hold'em$300,000$350Structure
#11FSat 5/65pmNo Limit Hold'em$300,000$350Structure
Sat 5/68pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega3 Seats$175Structure
#12Sun 5/712pmNo Limit Hold'em Knockout Big Bounty ($100 Bounties)$50,000$240Structure

#11 Day 2Sun 5/71pmNo Limit Hold'emChip Count

By Table
Final Results
#13Sun 5/75pmPot Limit Omaha Double Stack$570Structure

Sun 5/78pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega3 Seats$175Structure
#14Mon 5/81pmNo Limit Hold'em Triple Stack$100,000$350Structure

#15Mon 5/85pmPot Limit Omaha 8 or Better$350Structure

Mon 5/88pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega3 Seats$175
Tue 5/912pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega10 Seats$175Structure
Tue 5/95pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega10 Seats$175Structure
Tue 5/98pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega10 Seats$175Structure
#16AWed 5/101pmNo Limit Hold'em Main Event$1,000,000$1,100Chip

Wed 5/105pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega10 Seats$175Structure
Wed 5/108pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega5 Seats$175Structure
#16BThu 5/111pmNo Limit Hold'em Main Event$1,000,000$1,100Chip Counts
Thu 5/115pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega10 Seats$175Structure
Thu 5/118pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega5 Seats$175Structure
#16CFri 5/121pmNo Limit Hold'em Main Event$1,000,000$1,100Chip Counts
Fri 5/125pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega10 Seats$175Structure
Fri 5/128pm$1,000,000 Main Event Mega5 Seats$175Structure
#16DSat 5/1312pmNo Limit Hold'em Main Event$1,000,000$1,100Structure
#17Sat 5/135pmNo Limit Hold'em Knockout Big Bounty$50,000$1,100Final
16Sun 5/143pmNo Limit Hold'em Main Event Final DayFinal
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