Let It Ride

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In Let It Ride all standard poker rankings are used from the minimum winning hand of a pair of 10′s to the best hand—a Royal Flush. All hands that are a pair of 9′s and below are losing hands.

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The game uses a standard 52-card decks without Jokers. Each player receives a stack of three cards. After each player has examined the cards, each player has an option to withdraw Bet #1 or let it ride. If the player chooses to let Bet #1 ride, that bet shall remain on the appropriate betting area until the end of the round of play. If the player chooses to withdraw Bet #1, the player will receive back the bet from the betting area. After each player has made a decision regarding Bet #1, the dealer shall turn over the first community card in the left rectangle. Players get the option to act on the first community card by withdraw Bet #2 or let it ride. Once a determination is made on Bet #2, each player places the three cards face down under the third bet. The second community card will be turned face up on the right rectangle. The two (2) community cards shall be used by each player in conjunction with the three cards to complete a five card hand.

GEGA-002362. Must be 21. Play responsibly. 1-800 gambler or www.Problemgambling.Ca.Gov

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Let It Ride Table Games

Did you know?

The game was invented by John Breeding, an entrepreneur from Minnesota.

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