3 Card Poker

Object >

The object of Three-Card Poker is to beat the player/dealer.

Gameplay >

Using a standard deck of 52 cards, 3-Card Poker is played with up to seven (7) players, plus a player/dealer, although the house dealer deals the game. The player must place the Ante before placing any optional Bonus bet. The Bonus bet* must be equal to or less than the Ante bet.

Players receive three cards face-down. The player/dealer receives three cards, two face-down and one face-up. Once players inspect their hand, they may Fold the hand and forfeit the Ante and Bonus bet or stay in the game by making a Play bet which must equal the Ante.

  1. The Ante always receives action at even money. The player’s hand is compared to the player/banker’s hand and the best hand wins at even money.
  2. If the player/banker qualifies with a minimum Queen high, the play bet also receives action at even money. If the player/dealer does not qualify, the play bet receives no action. The dealer immediately refunds this bet to the players.
  3. The Bonus Bet is always in play. This bet is between the player and the player/dealer.

All bets receive action to the extent that the player/dealer wager covers. The round of play ends when the player/dealer exhausts his/her bankroll, or when all player wagers receive full action.

If a player plays more than one hand, the hand is played either as a Blind bet or the House Way (Ace high).


GEGA-000295. Must be 21. Play responsibly. 1-800 gambler or www.Problemgambling.Ca.Gov

*Note: The Max bonus bet pay out is $10,000.

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Three-Card Poker Table Games

Did you know?

Although 3-Card Poker has been played since at least the 16th Century, the casino form was only invented and patented in 1994.

Please gamble responsibly 1-800-GAMBLER problemgambling.ca.gov
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