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To win at poker, you must have the best 5-card hand amongst your opponents or bluff them into thinking that you have the better hand.

Lowball is Draw Poker with the lowest hand winning the pot.

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Each player is dealt five cards face-down, after which there is a betting round. Players are required to bet or fold. The players who remain in the pot now have an option to improve their hand by replacing cards in their hands with new ones. This is known as the draw. In limit Poker, the bet doubles after the draw (unless otherwise posted). The most popular forms of Lowball are Ace-to-five Lowball (also known as California Lowball), and deuce-to-seven Lowball (also known as Kansas City Lowball).

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Lowball Poker

Did you know?

There are lowball games named after California, Kansas City and London.

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