5-Card Stud

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The object of poker is to win the pot – the pool of bets in the middle of the table. This is accomplished either by having the best hand in the game or by bluffing to make the other players think you have the best hand and causing them to drop out.

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The game is played with a 32-card deck; all 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s have been removed.

Five-Card Stud uses a dealer button; dealing starts from the player clockwise next to the dealer button. Players will receive the first card face-down, then the second card face-up. The player who falls high will initiate the action (is forced to make a bet). This forced opening bet is a live bet; the player has no option regarding the amount of the forced opening bet. This player may raise if everyone else fails to. If there is a tie regarding who falls high, the player clockwise from the dealer button will initiate the action. After the action has been completed, the casino dealer will burn a card before the delivery of the subsequent rounds, with a round of betting following it.

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Five-Card Stud Poker

Did you know?

The screenwriter for the 1968 Western “5 Card Stud” also penned the adaptation of “True Grit.”

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