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HOLD’EM: Lose with Aces full of Ten’s or better to a four of a kind or better.* (Lose with any four of a kind to any four of a kind. Both hands must have a pocket pair.) 7 CARD STUD: Lose with Aces full of Ten’s or better to a four of a kind or better. (Super Jackpot-Lose with four of a kind or better.) OMAHA: Lose with four of a kind or better. (Super Jackpot-Both hands must contain a pocket pair. Straight flushes require both hole cards to be used in both hands.

StudSeedDaily IncreaseCurrent Amount**
1-2 & 2-4$2,000$0$6,000
3-6, 4-8, 6-12$5,000$350$14,200
15-30, 20-40$8,000$250$21,250
Hold'emSeedDaily IncreaseCurrent Amount**
1-2, 2-4, 20 No Limit, 40 No Limit$5,000$200$5,800
3-6, & 4-8, & 6-12$25,000$500$26,000
20-40, 30-60, 40-80$40,000$500$41,800
100 & 200, 400 & 500 No Limit$25,000$500$25,200
OmahaSeedDaily IncreaseCurrent Amount**
3-6, 4-8, 6-12, 8-16, 20-40 $10,000$200$10,800
100 - 300 PLO
6-12 BIG O$5,000$0$11,500
Combo/Mix Seed Daily IncreaseCurrent Amount**

Qualifying times for Jackpots are determined by the Surveillance clock. Clocks on the Casino floor are for patron convenience only and are not synchronized with the official Surveillance clocks.

GEGA-001899 • Management reserves the right to alter or cancel promotion at any time. No purchase necessary. See floorperson for details. Must be 21. Play responsibly. 1-800 gambler or www.Problemgambling. Ca. Gov

**Current amounts may vary, Call (323) 838.3295 for up to the minute amounts.

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